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The Founding Members of the San Diego Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. (SDLRC) shared a common interest in the breed and saw the need to form a regional club in the San Diego County area. They held their first organizational meeting in February 1996.  In less than five  years the club has grown tremendously – from the original ten founding members – to a membership of 87 as of October 2012.  The club held it’s first Annual Specialty Show in November 2001.

The SDLRC is a not-for-profit club and in November, 2000, became fully licensed by the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Membership is comprised of breeders, AKC exhibitors and Labrador Retriever owners wishing to learn more about this wonderful breed.  The club has adopted a Code of Ethics to be followed by all members and which may also serve as a guide to others concerned with the welfare of the breed.

The purpose of our club is to encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Labrador Retrievers, to educate Labrador owners and to facilitate participation in a variety of dog related activities.  We hold educational events, including seminars on structure, movement and breeding.  Respected veterinarians and other professionals speak at club general meetings about topics ranging from current vaccination protocols, hereditary canine eye problems, acupuncture, massage therapy, cardiac and orthopedic diseases and legal issues that breeders face.  We hold Matches, eye clinics, hip and elbow clinics, heart clinics and conformation handling classes throughout each year.



If you have any questions regarding membership in the San Diego Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. (SDLRC), please contact Denelle Curry, Membership Chair, sdlrcdogs@gmail.com.

Please read our club’s Code of Ethics before completing and submitting your application.

CLICK HERE to download Membership Application and Membership Questionnaire in .docx format Word). Do not edit the original online document. Download it and fill it out before mailing it to the membership chair.


REGULAR MEMBERSHIPS: In order to become a Regular member, an individual must attend two general membership meetings during the prior twelve months prior to submitting application, and submit a letter of recommendation with their application from two Regular members that are not of the same household.
“Regular” Membership is offered to one (1) individual 18 years or older and that individual is entitled to one vote (see above for qualifications*).  Regular members may hold office, list show winners and litters in the newsletter, attend meetings and events, compete for annual and achievement awards and subscribe to the newsletter.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIPS: Those persons who are given an “Honorary” Membership because of contributions of great value to the club.  An Honorary membership will carry all club privileges except the right to vote and hold an office or compete for club annual trophy awards.  Honorary members will be granted full privileges IF they determine to pay dues.

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS:  Are no longer offered, but current “Lifetime” members hold the same rights and privileges of Regular members. Lifetime members may hold office, list show winners and litters in the newsletter, attend meetings and events, compete for annual and achievement awards and subscribe to the newsletter.

Board/General meetings are usually the second Tuesday of every month.
Place:  Contact sdlrcdogs@gmail.com for location
Time:  7:00 p.m.


It is the desire of the SDLRC to support and promote breeding programs that continue to protect and advance the breeding of purebred Labrador Retrievers. To maintain or improve the quality of the progeny of stud dogs and brood bitches, it is important that they demonstrate basic characteristics of soundness and natural ability. In order to meet these goals, the following guidelines have been established.

A) Stud dogs and brood bitches should be Labrador Retrievers registered with the AKC.

B) Stud dogs and brood bitches should be certified radiographically free of hip dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and/or the Wind-Morgan program. This certification may include Wind-Morgan numbers, OFA numbers or OFA evaluation up to the age of two. Elbow evaluation is not required, but is strongly encouraged.

C) Stud dogs and brood bitches should be examined annually and certified free of eye diseases currently recognized as having a genetic basis by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist.

D) Additional important tests are: OPTIGEN, EIC (excercise induced collapse), and heart color doplar.

E) A breeder should evaluate the temperament of a prospective stud dog and brood bitch before breeding. Shyness, over-aggressiveness, etc., are NOT desirable Labrador Retriever characteristics.

F) A breeder should guarantee the general health of a sire and dam at the time of mating.

Members of the SDLRC must agree to maintain good health standard and care for their dogs, including proper veterinary care. A good stable temperament is extremely important to the breed, so the club encourages tests such as the Canine Good Citizen Test and the American Temperament Test.

1. A breeder should not supply puppies for resale through pet stores or other wholesale outlets.

2. A breeder should guarantee the general health of the puppies at the time of sale.

3. Puppy purchasers should be urged to provide obedience training at the proper age.

4. A breeder should refuse to sell a puppy to any home where they believe a Labrador will not be cared for properly.

5. A breeder should not release a puppy before they are seven weeks of age, and then only with the full knowledge they are healthy and have had the required inoculations and care.

Members of the SDLRC shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner which will reflect credit upon themselves and the breed, regardless of the location or the circumstances, but especially while attending a dog show, whether as an exhibitor or as a spectator. It is also recommended that this conduct follow through at club functions.

Club members should understand and agree that should they, through no fault of their own, be in violation of any of the aforementioned provisions, they shall have recourse to the Grievance Committee appointed by the Board of Directors.


Kim Jacobson
Vice President:
Barbara Nowak
Denelle Curry
Dawn Menchaca


Deirdre Coit
Beth Mallon
Susan Martin
Julie Oghigian
Elizabeth Summers

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